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Everything landlords need to know about flatfair.

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    • What is flatfair?

      Instead of an expensive upfront deposit, flatfair offers a deposit-free alternative allowing tenants to pay a small one-off membership fee per tenancy costing one week’s rent (+VAT), which can be split evenly across the household.

      flatfair helps tenants and landlords settle end of tenancy charges quickly, fairly and securely, whilst protecting everyone through Independent Dispute Resolution. This results in faster lettings, a reduction in disputes, and greater recovery of residual losses.

    • What are the benefits of a flatfair deposit alternative compared to a traditional deposit?

      By removing the need for tenants to pay an expensive upfront deposit, flatfair gives landlords a competitive advantage: properties become more affordable and attractive to more tenants – reducing voids.

      Tenancy deposits are now capped at five weeks' rent, however flatfair offers up to 12 weeks’ protection (with up to six weeks for rent arrears). With a flatfair membership, we can recover any end of tenancy charges with no extra cost to your landlords. This is a matter of discretion for us, but historically we have taken on the recovery of landlord debt in the vast majority of cases'.

    • How much protection does flatfair offer?

      Tenants still need to pay for any lawful debts, and if they don’t, flatfair is able to offer up to 12 weeks’ protection for landlords. For any rent arrears or damage to the property, we may offer to purchase the debts owed to the landlord of up to 12 weeks’ rent (with up to six weeks for rent arrears), amongst other options. The options we offer are determined in our discretion, but historically we have taken on the recovery of landlord debt in the vast majority of cases'.
    • How does flatfair allow landlords to be in pocket faster than traditional deposits?

      Cutting-edge technology means flatfair pays out faster, leading to a quicker turnover and fewer voids. By providing upfront liquidity for any damages or rent arrears, we reduce hold-ups caused by frozen (non-responsive tenants) or withheld (ongoing litigation resulting in payout delays) deposits, helping landlords stay in pocket.
    • How much does it cost?

      Great news for agents and landlords, flatfair’s deposit-free alternative is completely free. See our Help Centre for more information about our simple signup process.
    • What is the process for end of tenancy disputes?

      If a tenant doesn’t settle their charges at the end of a tenancy, landlords may be able to sell the whole, or part, of the charge to flatfair for up to 12 weeks’ worth of rent (with up to six weeks for rent arrears), meaning costs are recovered more quickly and effectively. The flatfair team will then take ownership of the recovery process, and we may then also give landlords the option to appoint us (at no extra cost) to chase up any extra costs beyond the 12-week limit. By opting for this additional service, landlords can recover further losses without the need for any legal action on their part.

      Where we purchase landlord debt up to the value of 12 weeks' worth of rent, this is achieved by way of an offer letter (which must be signed by the landlord within 10 days of receipt from our team) and an assignment document which legally transfers the debt to flatfair. Where we service additional landlord debt on the landlord's behalf, this is achieved by way of an offer letter and a document appointing flatfair as the landlord's agent. As soon as we collect these funds, flatfair will pay the landlord the outstanding amount directly to their chosen bank account.

    • My tenant wants to use flatfair, what do I do ?

      If you’ve got a tenant asking to sign up to a flatfair tenancy, just get in touch via the Get Started section on our website where you’ll be able to refer your agent or speak to us directly.
    • flatfair has discretion over the offers it makes to landlords. What does that mean?

      Unlike insurers, the cover we offer to individual landlords is based on the principle of discretion. This isn't about being able to say 'no' - indeed, historically we have purchased landlord debt in the vast majority of cases. Rather, a discretionary model means that we can avoid inconvenient red tape, can keep costs down and can process pay-outs to landlords more quickly.

      We also have the flexibility to provide assistance when a tightly-worded insurance contract may preclude help - every case is considered on its individual merit by a person, not a computer, where we can use our judgement and insight to help landlords. This might include offering help in unusual circumstances or where a new problem appears. Finally, being discretionary doesn't mean there are no rules. We take our reputation and our responsibilities towards landlords very seriously, we have a clear set of terms and conditions, and we cannot and would not decline to assist you just because we felt like it.

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