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flatfair secures the relationship between tenants, agents and landlords, fixing the way people rent and let homes for good.

The UK residential lettings model is broken. Tenants, forced to pay expensive deposits that overlap between tenancies, miss out on opportunities to rent. For agents and landlords, this results in lost revenue and lengthy voids. To make things worse, existing deposit schemes often fall short of providing the right level of efficiency and protection, so that when it comes to covering the cost of damages and rent arrears, agents and landlords are often left out of pocket and in need of dedicated legal assistance.

Inspired by the widespread success of deposit alternative schemes in Germany and Switzerland, flatfair was founded to deliver the same innovation in the UK.

We keep the best of the existing government scheme, whilst disrupting the way payments and protection work. This creates faster, more secure transactions and stronger safeguards for the wellbeing of everyone involved. The inefficiencies and unaffordability, lack of adequate cover and strained relationships between landlords, agents and tenants are erased, making way for an entirely new way of renting.

Meet the team

Chris Phillips


Franz Doerr

Founder & CEO

Daniel Jeczmien

Founder & COO

Bartosz Alksnin

Founder & CTO

Alison Beech

Commercial Director

Emma Angelova

Operations Manager

Adam Ali

Partnership Manager

Miguel Aragao

Senior Product Engineer

Ben Yexley

Partnership Manager

Amy Myles

Head of Content

Aman Gaur

Legal and compliance analyst

Jonathan Naylor


Lisa Evans


Daniel C. Clark


Anthony Dagul

Finance Advisor

Maury Shenk

Legal Advisor

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