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Reduce time between lets whilst getting better protection than a traditional deposit scheme.

Let your property faster with no deposit rent scheme.

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    Secure, unrivalled protection

    Enjoy up to 12 weeks of protection and free recovery for any additional charges.

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    More eyes on your property listing

    Rent your property with no deposit and make it more affordable for renters.

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    Full visibility of tenant charges

    See exactly what’s happening as your agent negotiates your end-of-tenancy charges.

Keep your property protected

Get up to double the protection of a traditional deposit and significantly lower the upfront costs for your tenants.

Letting multiple properties?
  • Your tenants pay less

    Instead of waiting to get their previous deposit back, tenants can secure your property with their debit card and cover any end of tenancy charges when they leave.

    2/3 tenants prefer  flatfair to a traditional deposit.

    • flatfair

      1 week+VAT
    • Deposit

      5 weeks
  • You get extra protection

    Tenancy deposits are now capped at 5 weeks’ rent.Make substantiated end of tenancy charges for up to the value of 12 weeks’ rent through flatfair.

    4/5 of landlords  trust flatfair over a traditional deposit.

    • Deposit

      5 weeks
    • flatfair

      12 weeks
Deposit-free properties let 25% faster

Stand out on listing sites by offering your property deposit-free. The average London tenant saves £2,000 in upfront costs with flatfair, making your property more affordable to more people.

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Attract more tenants

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    Give big incentives

    Save your tenants thousands of pounds.

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    Offer same-day move-ins

    Sign your tenants up to flatfair in minutes and get them moved in on the same day.

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    Reach a wider audience

    Tap into a network of thousands of tenants who prefer to rent with flatfair.

Dedicated Support

Always here to help

When you join flatfair, you and your agent get direct access to our Customer Success Team — here to answer questions, offer best practice and help you leverage flatfair to rent your properties faster.

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How it works

How does our no deposit rental scheme work?

Tenants secure a property by registering their debit card. Then when it’s time for them to move out, landlords get up to 12 weeks worth of protection for any damages or rent arrears – double the amount of a traditional deposit scheme.

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    Step 1  

    List your property deposit-free

    Ask your agent to first register with flatfair and then list your property deposit-free.

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    Step 2  

    Move your tenant in

    Approve new tenants and let them move them in right away. flatfair has you protected from the moment they sign up.

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    Step 3  

    Oversee end of tenancy charges

    View your agent's tenancy charges in the online flatfair platform. If they can’t reach an agreement, an independent adjudicator will help.

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  • "I didn’t know much about flatfair when my tenants and I signed up. In our case, things went wrong and it turned out that I was massively fortunate that my tenants had signed to flatfair. They have been fantastic from start to finish and communicated with the tenants when things had completely broken down. It is an amazing idea and I am hugely grateful to them."

    Rachel, Landlord
  • "Since offering flatfair, we have received nothing but praise from our landlords who want to offer it on all their properties. Most of our landlords now say that they strongly recommend flatfair as it offers them the best protection, the properties fill quicker and they have happier tenants. "

    Neal, Agent
  • "flatfair is an extremely well organised company with an amazingly well laid out site which is very easy and clear to use. Any questions or queries that I had were answered promptly and I would recommend anyone to using their services. An absolute delight!"

    Brionne, Tenant
  • "You and your colleagues have been attentive and helpful at all times, I will definitely recommend flatfair due to the efficiency I have experienced. "

    Charlotte, Landlord
  • "I think it made my moving a lot less stressful. I had a very short time to move so being able to set everything up so fast really helped!"

    Jenny, Tenant
  • "I have had a great experience with flatfair so far. The process follows a normal 3rd party arbitration service if landlord and tenant don't agree - so it's fair all round."

    Thomas, Agent

Landlord FAQs

    • Do tenants have to pay a deposit?

      Tenants don’t pay a traditional deposit when renting with flatfair, instead, it’s a one-off membership fee of one week’s rent (+VAT). With flatfair, landlords get more protection than with a regular deposit scheme (up to 12 weeks of protection for any end of tenancy damages and free recovery for any additional charges).

    • What is deposit-free renting?

      Instead of an expensive upfront deposit, flatfair offers a deposit-free alternative allowing tenants to pay a small one-off membership fee per tenancy costing one week’s rent (+VAT), which can be split evenly across the household.

      flatfair helps tenants and landlords settle end of tenancy charges quickly, fairly and securely, whilst protecting everyone through Independent Dispute Resolution. This results in faster lettings, a reduction in disputes, and greater recovery of residual losses.

    • Do landlords have to use a deposit scheme?

      Landlords aren’t under any obligation to use a traditional deposit scheme. With flatfair, cutting-edge technology means flatfair pays out faster, giving landlords more protection than ever before. By providing upfront liquidity for any damages or rent arrears, we reduce hold-ups caused by frozen (non-responsive tenants) or withheld (ongoing litigation resulting in payout delays) deposits, helping landlords stay in pocket.

    • How do I become a no deposit landlord?

      That’s easy, just sign up to flatfair and we’ll take it from there.

      Sign up today

If you have any more questions, head to our FAQs page.


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