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flatfair makes moving magic

With flatfair, renting is smart and simple for everyone – saving you time and money (and a few grey hairs). Here you’ll find landlords, tenants and agents talking about their flatfair experience.

Agent reviews

Team up with flatfair and make the perfect pair. This is what our agents had to say:

  • Pop Up Illustration Landlord

    The ability to offer an affordable alternative that helps to reduce void periods has to be good thing for residents and landlords. Our experience with flatfair has been a good one delivering a high percentage flatfair tenancies to our tenants.

    Tim Holden, Managing Director / Head of Residential UK EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD REIM

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    Our landlords now say that they strongly recommend flatfair as it offers them the best protection, the properties fill quicker and they have happier tenants.

    Neal, Spicerhaart

Landlord reviews

Landlords love flatfair. Here’s how they’d rate their experience:

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    You and your colleagues have been attentive and helpful at all times.
    I will definitely recommend flatfair due to the efficiency I have experienced.

    flatfair landlord

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    We were very impressed at how quickly the outstanding rental monies were returned to us, within 1-2 days…we would recommend using flatfair given the speed of recovery of the outstanding rent and your professional manner.

    flatfair landlord

Tenant reviews

Here’s what some of our tenants had to say about renting deposit-free with flatfair:

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    My experience with flatfair has been nothing short of superb. Professional and understanding, they fulfilled their remit with aplomb.
    A wonderful service and a highly recommended one at that.

    Kieran, flatfair tenant

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    flatfair enabled us to move into our new rental home much faster as we did not have to save up for such a large deposit...
    I love the concept as it stops your money from being tied up in a deposit scheme for a year. If flatfair was food, I would eat it everyday, that’s how good it is.

    Murilyn, flatfair tenant

  • Pop Up Illustration Landlord

    I think it’s an excellent idea, especially for single mums like myself who can’t afford to pay for such high deposits.

    Joanne, flatfair tenant