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Fast and easy renting, secured

Wave goodbye to costly deposits. Tenants can secure their new home with a small check-in fee and pay for any slip-ups when it’s time to move out. Landlords can rest easy knowing they still get security through flatfair’s safe platform – it’s win/win for everyone.
Offer No Deposit

flatfair’s No Deposit gives peace of mind through:

  • Benefit Icons Lower Upfront Costs No Deposit

    Quick move-ins, lower upfront costs

    Instead of a traditional deposit, tenants only pay a small check-in fee worth one week’s rent (+VAT).

  • Benefit Icons Extra Protection No Deposit

    Extra security for landlords

    Landlords get up to a week of extra protection (versus a traditional deposit) completely free, and can be back in pocket within just 10 days of agreeing charges.

  • Benefit Icons Docs Under One Roof No Deposit

    All your documents under one roof

    Keep track of all your moving documentation on our easy-to-use online platform.

  • Benefit Icons Smooth Moves No Deposit

    Smooth moves

    No Deposit means tenants can move into their home (if they pass reference checks) the same day they pay their check-in fee.

  • Benefit Icons Check Out No Deposit

    Fair and easy check-out

    Our check-out process is simple and straightforward. If there’s any issues, they’ll be resolved quickly and transparently with government-backed independent adjudicators* if charges cannot be agreed with the landlord.

No Deposit is safe and secure, here’s how it works:

Checking in

  • 1

    Landlords list their property deposit free with our No Deposit solution

  • 2

    Tenants can pay a small check-in fee worth one week’s rent (+VAT)

  • 3

    flatfair takes extra care supporting referencing and collecting documentation. If everything checks out, tenants can move in on the same day

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Moving Out Illustration

Checking out

  • 1

    All of the regular end of tenancy checks still take place

  • 2

    Tenants pay for any damage, outstanding bills or unpaid rent where they are responsible

  • 3

    flatfair’s flexible protection means we judge claims on a case-by-case basis, working with both parties to sort out any issues and get landlords paid within 10 days (once charges are agreed)

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