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Fast and easy renting, secured

Wave goodbye to costly deposits. Tenants can secure their new home with a small check-in fee and pay for any slip-ups when it’s time to move out. Landlords can rest easy knowing they still get security through flatfair’s safe platform – it’s win/win for everyone.
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Tenants love it...

  • Lower upfront move-in costs

    Instead of a deposit, tenants pay 
a one-off check-in fee equal to one week’s rent (+VAT), so that means much lower moving costs.

  • Fast and fair

    When it’s time to move out, tenants only pay if there’s 
a problem they’re 
responsible for.

  • No sneaky fees

    There’s no recurring charges if tenants decide to renew their tenancy and stay in their home.

Landlords love it...

  • Market-leading protection

    Landlords get up to 10 weeks’ protection for free.

  • Speedy charge recovery

    If there’s any damages or missing rent, they’re put back in pocket within 10 days of charges being agreed.

  • Quicker lets, fewer voids

    Properties let faster and attract more quality tenants.

Here’s how it works:

Moving In

Checking in

  • 1

    Landlords list their property deposit free with our No Deposit solution.

  • 2

    Tenants can pay a small check-in fee worth one week’s rent (+VAT).*

  • 3

    flatfair takes extra care supporting referencing and collecting documentation. If everything checks out, tenants can move in on the same day.

*Or £120 whichever is greater. Non-refundable and does not count towards any end-of-tenancy charges.

Moving Out

Checking out

  • 1

    All of the regular end of tenancy checks still take place.

  • 2

    Tenants pay for any damage, outstanding bills or unpaid rent where they are responsible.

  • 3

    flatfair’s flexible protection means we judge claims on a case by case basis, working with both parties to sort out any issues and get landlords paid within 10 days (once charges are agreed).

Ready to rent with lower move-in costs?