Transforming the deposit process at Belvoir Grantham

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Belvoir Grantham partnered with us in 2022 when they began offering our No Deposit solution to their customers. Their decision involved careful consideration of flatfair and another deposit alternative provider, but Branch Manager Carly French was “extremely taken” by our “lucrative” offer to their landlords.

Bringing flatfair Deposits to Belvoir Grantham

A year on, we approached Carly and the Belvoir Grantham team with our latest rental solution, flatfair Deposits, a decision which Carly described as a “no-brainer”:

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flatfair Deposits has revolutionised the deposit process for Belvoir Grantham, with Carly highlighting three key areas where they are benefiting:

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Time spared in the traditional deposit process

Carly spoke highly of the efficiencies gained through automating the traditional deposit process with flatfair Deposits, which allows her team to allocate more time to revenue-generating activities.

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The importance of choice

At flatfair, providing a choice of deposit options to tenants and landlords is of paramount importance. flatfair Deposits provides them with this choice, which means they can make a decision which best suits their individual circumstances.

Carly and her team share this passion for providing choice, and they are delighted to be able to simplify this process for their customers:

“If the landlords accept the No Deposit option, they [tenants] are getting the choice of No Deposit and the traditional deposit and that is their decision to make.”

If you want to get more out of your deposit process, by increasing revenue and saving time while offering a valuable choice, then please fill out the short form below and our team will be in touch very shortly.