Tackling rental fraud with our referencing integrations

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At flatfair, we are more than just a deposit alternative. We also offer a suite of products and integrations to make our partners’ lives simpler, and one of those is our referencing integrations, which can shave valuable time off your workload and increase security.

How does our referencing work?

  1. Our referencing partners are integrated into our platform via an API so you can perform your usual referencing checks for tenants
  2. These results are reported back to our Customer Support team who review the tenants eligibility for flatfair No Deposit
  3. Your tenants are fully referenced, and if they are approved, the No Deposit plan can be created in a few simple clicks

Our referencing providers

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flatfair is not a reference provider, however we facilitate this service by partnering with two of the best in the market, in Homeppl and HomeLet to reduce the room for errors and save valuable time.

Homeppl specialise in tackling fraudulent tenancies with actionable risk insights into every applicant. This mitigates financial risk from the outset, giving you ultimate assurance that you have the best tenants living in your properties.

HomeLet has referenced more than 14 million tenants speedily and securely over their 30 years in business. Their aim is to help get tenants moving as soon as possible, and they have more than 100 trained staff to accurately spot fraudulent tenancies.

Greystar is one of our many partners who are delighted with our referencing integrations, with Gareth Prince, Community Manager at Greystar saying:
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The benefits to you…

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Do you like the sound of these benefits? Get in touch today to see how we can help. With the ever rising threat of fraudulent tenancies, there is no better time to start saving valuable time off your workload and increase your security.