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How can our Customer Support team help you?

Cs Blog Post

One of the great things about flatfair is our people and there is no better example of that than our Customer Support team.

Meet Sophie

Cs Sophie Blog Post

As the Customer Support Team Lead, I’m actively involved in the everyday working of the team and will cover daily workflows if we are super busy or under capacity – having been at flatfair for over 2 years, I know the product like the back of my hand.

I’m also focussing on how we can make the customer experience the best it can possibly be, by working alongside our Head of Customer Operations and End of Tenancy Team Lead.

I’m also responsible for onboarding new starters and managing the development of the CS team to make sure everyone is getting the most out of their time here at flatfair.

What they do for you

Our Customer Support team at flatfair are the point of contact for all of our amazing customers, from agents and landlords to tenants and guarantors, they are always on hand to tackle your queries and questions. Here is how they help:

  • Check and validate new flatfair No Deposit plans, reviewing tenants eligibility
  • Make sure that all tenants have completed their registration, so that all the correct documents are signed, and that tenants have paid ahead of moving into their new home
  • Answering all of your questions and queries via email, live chat and phone
  • Conducting regular reviews on processes and customer feedback to ensure that they can maximise their efficiency and improve where possible, this includes monitoring and responding to your reviews
  • And reviewing all end of tenancy charges, ensuring that all the supporting evidence is submitted
  • Putting some faces to the rest of the team…

    Many of you will have already spoken to our A* team, so now you can finally put a face to them…

    Cs Glen Blog Post

    Glen – Head of Customer Operations

    Cs Kitty Blog Post

    Kitty Ryan – Customer Support Associate

    Cs Emily Blog Post

    Emily Woodcock – Customer Support Associate

    Cs Claire Blog Post

    Claire Peddie – Trainee Customer Support Associate

    Our team are quite special (and it shows)

    When it comes to satisfying our customers, the stats speak for themselves, through January to April, our:

  • Customer satisfaction on email tickets was 91.4%
  • Average reply time through email was just 39 minutes
  • Customer satisfaction on flatfair’s live chat was 96%
  • And 86% of enquiries were completely resolved with a single response
  • Top tips for creating plans

    We know that getting everything set up and ready for tenants to move into their new home can seem a bit complicated. So that’s why our Customer Support Team Lead, Sophie has put together her 4 top tips to make creating your No Deposit plans go as smoothly as possible, so that tenants can swiftly move into their new home.

    1. When creating a new flatfair No Deposit plan, make sure that the tenancy agreement is filled in for that specific tenancy, including all reference reports for tenants and guarantors
    2. If there are any conditions on a reference, make sure that the condition is stated e.g. uploading a proof of address if required
    3. To make things nice and clear for us, upload all of your documents in a suitable format (we highly recommend PDF) and double-check landlord and tenant names as well as email addresses for any spelling mistakes
    4. And finally, make sure all plans are created ahead of the move-in date in case we need to clarify any information before inviting the tenant to sign up and pay for their membership

    We hope this gives you a good insight into our busy customer support team, and shows you why they are so popular with all of our customers.

    Take a look at our help centre if you have any further questions about flatfair, we have dedicated sections just for you, whether you’re a tenant, landlord, agent, or guarantor.