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Property experts Nock Deighton are renowned in the Shropshire and Worcestershire region with 10 branches spanning across the 2 counties.

Since partnering with flatfair in March 2020 during the heights of the pandemic, Nock Deighton have already created more than 100 No Deposit plans.

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Already, our market-leading protection of up to 10 weeks’ has offered their landlords a total protection upwards of £200,000 against damages and/or rent arrears. Plus at the end of tenancy, we are quick to compensate their landlords for what they are owed, working with their tenants to recover the required payments for damages or rent arrears.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed at Nock Deighton, with Laura, Tenancy Progression & Accounts Team Leader, having this to say:

“At the end of a tenancy when a claim is needed, the team have been great with securing what is expected”

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Replacing a traditional deposit with flatfair No Deposit, the average Nock Deighton tenant saves close to £500 each on their upfront move-in costs. That’s a great saving which they could put towards a deposit for their own home, spruce up their rental, or a holiday in the sun.

As their tenants are also not waiting around for the usual 5 weeks to get their traditional deposit back, they don’t have the stresses of finding the money for a new deposit whilst still in their current rental.

Which is why we have over 100 active flatfair tenancies with Nock Deighton, and the number of their tenants using No Deposit has grown a whopping 21% since March this year. So it’s clear to see the growing popularity of flatfair No Deposit as well as the continued support from Nock Deighton.

“One click creations”

Nock Deighton’s integration with flatfair and Goodlord means that they can create their No Deposit plans in just a “click of a button”. Our integration with Goodlord speeds up the process and maximises customer security. This also allows Nock Deighton to reduce the amount of time spent doing manual tasks, freeing up time to win more business and increase revenue.

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Discover more about how our integration with Goodlord benefits our agents here.

If you want to start offering flatfair No Deposits to your customers then get in touch on 0207 078 7073 or email to see how we can help you.