We are the first deposit alternative to partner with DPS

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We are incredibly excited to be the first deposit alternative provider to integrate with DPS for our latest product, flatfair Deposits.

By using our integration, agents and operators can now provide their tenants with the option of either a traditional deposit with DPS or flatfair’s No Deposit option through our simple and easy to use platform.

Our system automates the traditional deposit process, providing agents and operators with a quick and secure process that reduces the risk of non-compliance, improves efficiency and ensures that the tenants’ choice is transparent and in accordance with the Tenant Fees Act.

Over the past year, many agents and operators, such as Beals, Breckon & Breckon, Castledene, and Greystar have been experiencing the advantages of using flatfair Deposits. This includes saving up to 60 minutes of administrative time per tenancy and boosting their revenue through increased adoption of No Deposit.

Matt Trevett, Managing Director at DPS, said:

“We’ve managed millions of deposits across England and Wales since launching in 2007, and throughout that time we’ve regularly developed and enhanced our services to improve the experience of tenants and landlords.

We’re pleased to be working with flatfair to give landlords and agents more options on how they manage tenancy deposits.”

While our Co-CEO, Gary Wright, said this about our latest partnership:

“It is great to now be integrated with DPS for flatfair Deposits, and is an exciting step in the continuation of our mission to make renting simpler for everyone involved. It has been great to see many agents benefiting already, and I look forward to providing the same benefits to many more.”

With this exciting integration, we are now working with all major deposit schemes in the UK, so there is no need to change providers. Get in touch today so our team can tell you more about the fantastic benefits of flatfair Deposits.