Saving Beals’ tenants at both ends of the moving process

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Beals partnered with flatfair in 2019, offering No Deposit to their tenants and landlords across their 10 branch network. We’re incredibly proud to have grown our partnership over the last 3 years with Hampshire’s leading independent estate agent.

Dan Frogley, Partner at Beals had this to say on their customers’ growing popularity with flatfair, “We offer a no deposit option across our 10 branch network and have found this to be extremely popular amongst landlords and tenants. Having used alternative deposit replacement solutions, I found flatfair to be the best on the market.“

“Extremely popular” with their tenants

There’s a reason why Beals have seen a 33.21% increase in flatfair No Deposit plans in the last 12 months; they now have nearly 900 active tenants. Beals Saving Icon

Adrian Pryke, Associate from Beals, explains why, simply saying that flatfair “reduces the cost of a move-in for a tenant significantly”. With their average flatfair tenant saving £774.79 on their upfront move-in costs, the stats speak for themselves.

These huge savings are a great help for their tenants, to spruce up their rental or put towards a deposit for their own home. Alternatively, their tenants with flatfair No Deposit may appreciate having the spare cash to put towards the on-going cost of living crisis.

Less charges means more money and freedom for tenants Beals No Charges

Beals tenants using flatfair don’t just save on their upfront move-in costs, with 87.5% of tenancies ending in no charges at all. This means that their tenants have the freedom to move without having to pay another deposit whilst waiting for their current one to be returned.

Their landlords are protected in more ways than one

In the event where tenancies do result in end of tenancy charges, flatfair has successfully collected more than half of this in full from the tenants right away, putting their landlords back in pocket quickly. Beals Protection Icon

Plus their landlords are assured, knowing they have flatfair’s market-leading protection of up to 10 weeks’. Already our protection levels have offered their landlords more than £1,728,000 in case of accidental damages and/or rent arrears.

If you want to start offering your customers the amazing benefits of flatfair No Deposit, then get in touch with our team or sign up today.