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We are delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with Reapit, to further enhance our tech offering and provide a smooth and streamlined process for our partners and their customers.

Reapit has 25 years experience in the lettings industry, working with 15,000 estate agency branches, including some of the biggest names in the industry, and flatfair partners, Alexander & Co, Jones Robinson, and Streets Ahead.

How our integration works

Setting up and using our integration could not be simpler. Once you are a flatfair and Reapit partner, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit Reapit’s AppMarket and install the flatfair application, then contact us to let us know, so we can get the technical bits set up on our side
  2. You will create the tenancy on Reapit’s platform, selecting the deposit type as “not applicable”
  3. Head over to the flatfair platform, where you will see the draft plan, be sure to double check for any missing information
  4. Once you are happy with the information, simply submit the plan and our Customer Support team will ensure the tenants are offered the choice that best fits their needs

And voila! Your plan is created, all ready for the tenants’ move-in date.

A smooth and secure process for tenants

Our integration means that signing the relevant paperwork is completely digital, ensuring security and efficiency for your tenants, helping them to move into their new home quicker.

This flatfair tenant loved how simple the sign-up process was.
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Saving agents valuable time

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Our integration will deliver significant time savings for our partners, enabling them to create plans “at the click of a button”.

Which means they can spend their time focussing on activities which are going to drive more business, like winning more landlords, and taking on more viewings.

So if you are looking to save your team and customers valuable time with a smooth sign up process, get in touch today and our team will assist you with setting up your integration.