How does flatfair save tenants money?

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Our rental solution is designed with tenants at heart, as we strive to make renting smooth and affordable for everyone. Here are some amazing stories from flatfair customers who have made some smart savings at the start and end of their tenancy.

Checking in

Our easy to use tech platform makes it straightforward for tenants to sign up and pay for flatfair No Deposit. The cost to tenants is a one-off fee equal to one week’s rent (+VAT), split evenly between the household.

By replacing a 5 week traditional deposit, to date flatfair tenants have saved a huge £34 million on their upfront move-in costs. These savings are incredibly useful with tenants having to pay their first month’s rent up front, as well as other expensive moving costs, such as removals and kitting out their new home.

Which is exactly what flatfair renter, Aiesha, had to say about her move-in experience:

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Extending a tenancy

Unlike other deposit alternatives, we will never charge tenants sneaky fees if they renew their tenancy and stay in their home. And the process to do so could not be simpler. Ellen was thrilled to discover that she could stay in her home without having to pay for a new membership or an annual renewal fee.

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Checking out

When it comes to the end of tenancy, tenants remain just as liable for damages and missing rent as they would with a traditional deposit. However we strongly encourage tenants to look after their property, by offering a 20% discount if they decide to use flatfair on their next property as long as they have kept up with rent payments and left their home squeaky clean.

When tenants are moving out at the end of their tenancy, and if there are charges for missing rent or damages, our platform provides transparency and the option to discuss the charges with their landlord or agent.

Which is why Ikenna said that flatfair’s “fast” and “very fair” end of tenancy was the best he had ever seen!

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We have helped more than 15,500 tenants make huge savings at the start and end of their tenancy, but we want to make sure that every tenant has the choice of No Deposit. So if you want to offer your tenants a secure and affordable deposit alternative, then get in touch today and our team will be happy to help.