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Faster mobilisation. Predictable stabilisation. Secured with flatfair.

Before flatfair

With no other secure and convenient way to recover end of tenancy charges from renters, deposits were the only thing that landlords could trust.


flatfair’s No Deposit solution provides thousands of landlords with unrivalled protection and offers tenants an affordable alternative to a costly deposit. We’re already helping firms like Greystar, CBRE, and Cording Group speed up mobilisation, cut their operational costs, and improve their overall protection.

flatfair is trusted by leading UK and international Build to Rent operators

  • Greystar
  • Touchstone
  • Invesco
  • Apo
  • Fizzy Living

Why Build to Rent operators choose flatfair

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    Fast mobilisation with reduced upfront costs for tenants

    Properties listed with flatfair are 24% less likely to require a rent reduction. You can offer lower upfront moving costs to get more inquiries and attract more tenants.

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    Enhanced protection compared to a limited five week deposit

    Properties are shielded from economic uncertainty with up to 12 weeks 
of protection on our Premium plan, compared to the limited protection 
that a five week deposit can offer.

    flatfair also streamlines the end of tenancy dispute process and is backed 
by AMTrust, a multinational property insurer authorised and regulated by 
the FCA.

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    A tailored solution that fits around your mobilisation strategy

    We work with operators, asset managers, and managing agents. With a dedicated contact from our Sales and Marketing Team on hand, from mobilisation through to stabilisation, getting started with flatfair is simple.

Flexible pricing models that work for your specific business needs

flatfair offers two flexible solutions for Build to Rent operators:

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    Recommended for mobilisation

    Tenants pay just £24 with your business covering flatfair’s check-in fee, meaning you can list your rental units with much lower upfront costs. In return, you secure up to one extra week of protection for any unpaid rent, as well as up to six extra weeks of damage coverage – giving you up to 12 weeks of protection in total.

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    Recommended for stabilisation

    Tenants pay a one-off check-in fee for their No Deposit costing them only one week’s rent (+VAT) and based on requirements, your protection can be scaled accordingly – giving you up to six weeks of rent arrears protection and up to 10 weeks of damage and dilapidations protection.

How it works:

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    Tenants find a property deposit-free through partnered leasing agents and landlords.
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    They sign up online and pay a flatfair check-in fee (determined by your pricing model).
  • 3
    When the lease ends, tenants are responsible for any damages or unpaid rent. Disputes can be easily negotiated on our online platform.

How flatfair drove occupancy for
EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD REIM (UK) Limited's Saffron Court

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Tim Holden 01

We decided to offer flatfair to our tenants as a deposit alternative to lower the initial cost to the tenant in a transparent and fair way. Obviously, as a Build to Rent operator, we want to provide as much accessibility to those tenants who may have the means to afford the rent but cannot afford a large upfront deposit.

The ability to offer an affordable alternative that helps to reduce void periods has to be a good thing for residents and landlords.

Our experience with flatfair has been a good one, delivering a high percentage of flatfair tenancies to our tenants.

Tim Holden, Director of Residential Development and Asset Management at Cording Group

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