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Moving in

    • What documentation should my landlord or managing agent give to me at the beginning of my tenancy?

      There are a few documents that your agent should provide you with at the beginning of your tenancy and these should include;

      - How to rent guide
      - Energy Performance Certificate
      - Gas Safety Certificate
      - Electrical Safety Certificate
      - Manual appliances for things such as the boiler
      - Signed Tenancy Agreement
      - Inventory or check-in report

    • What can I do at the start of a tenancy to protect myself from any cleaning or damage charges when I move out that I am not responsible for?

      We would encourage you to take time to read your check-in report/inventory and go around the property checking that the description of the items, condition of the décor and standard of cleaning matches that stated. Usually, it will be a true representation of the property, but this is your opportunity to query any missing items or inconsistencies as you see them.

      If you find that, for example, the check-in report states that the oven is cleaned to a professional standard but that the grills are greasy to the touch, make a note on the inventory and report this to the landlord promptly. Often the landlord will ask that you return the inventory within 7 days and report any cleaning issues within 48 hours and it is important that you stick to any timescales given.

      While taking photographs is a good idea, it is difficult to establish cleanliness from a photograph, so while they can be great supporting evidence in some cases (for example the inside of an oven), the written description is key. It is impossible to photograph a smell, or something that is sticky to the touch, and taking a photograph of dust on a carpet can be equally tricky, so clear, concise wording describing the item is most useful.

      It can also be a good idea to pay special attention to areas which tend to make the most use or require the most cleaning, such as:
      - The oven
      - The shower/bath
      - The fridge/freezer (this should also be defrosted)
      - The windows
      - The flooring

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