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Everything you need to know about flatfair.

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    • What changes have been made to the flatfair platform to reflect the law changes in Wales?

      In accordance with the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, “Tenancy Agreement” will be referred to as “Occupation Contracts” in Wales. Similarly “tenant(s)” will be referred to as “ contract-holder(s)” in Wales. Our platform has been updated to reflect these changes. Where the relevant property is located in Wales, any references to the “Tenancy Agreement” on the flatfair platform should be read as references to the “Occupation Contract” and references to “tenant(s)” on the flatfair platform should be read as references to “Contract-Holder(s)”. You will see helpful tips on the platform that explain the changes that have been made.

    • What is flatfair's No Deposit?

      flatfair No Deposit is the simple and safe alternative to security deposits. Instead, tenants pay a small check-in fee worth only one week’s rent or £120 (whichever is the greater), plus VAT, split evenly across the household, as well as any damage costs or missing rent being paid for when it's time to move out. flatfair helps landlords and tenants settle any disputes quickly and fairly with Independent Dispute Resolution, with charges recovered and paid to landlords once charges are agreed.

    • What are the benefits of No Deposit?

      With No Deposit, any tenant charges are recovered and paid to the landlord once charges are agreed. Landlords also get up to 5 extra weeks of protection compared to a security deposit and reduce move-in costs for tenants, which means much quicker move-ins.

    • How much does No Deposit cost?

      It's completely free for landlords. For tenants, we charge a small check-in fee worth one week's rent (+VAT).

    • What's the big deal about flatfair's terms?

      Cutting-edge technology means your landlords will get paid any charges from tenant slip-ups within 10 days of charges being agreed. By covering the costs for any damages or missing rent ourselves, hold-ups due to 'frozen' (where tenants don't respond) or 'withheld' (where ongoing litigation results in delays) deposits are no longer an issue, so you won't be out of pocket.

    • Is flatfair insurance?

      No. Our award-winning rental solutions company isn’t insurance – it’s something better. We’re discretionary, so we judge every case based on its individual merit as well as our clear and transparent terms and conditions. That means we can avoid rigid policy checklists and keep things flexible. It also means we can process charge recoveries more quickly, so landlords can rest easy knowing their rental is in safe and secure hands.

    • How do I submit end of tenancy charges?

      flatfair simplifies the charging and negotiation process between landlords and tenants. All you need to do is upload evidence and submit your charges directly on flatfair's easy-to-use online platform.

    • When does flatfair expire?

      flatfair’s security expires in line with the tenancy end date, or after 24 months (whatever comes first). It can be extended at any time through the flatfair platform, free of charge.

    • Does flatfair require tenants to be referenced?

      Yes, all flatfair members must meet our minimum referencing criteria.

    • What if my tenant doesn't accept charges made against them?

      flatfair works with government-backed independent adjudicators in the case of any disputes between the landlord and tenant. These are handled quickly and fairly to ensure a seamless check out process. *Landlords need to pay a £100 adjudication fee, which will be refunded if at least 75% of the proposed charge is adjudicated in your favour. Tenants need to pay a £25 adjudication fee, which you’ll get back if the amount awarded by the adjudicator is less than the proposed charge.

    • How do I join?

      Talk to our team at sales@flatfair.co.uk or get started on our website.

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