Introducing Boost – your secure rental solution

There’s no denying the world is looking different these days, and COVID-19 has changed the rental industry in ways nobody expected. With so much uncertainty, we wanted to create a solution that gives landlords everywhere peace of mind, after all, it’s only natural that homeowners are looking for more security right now.

That’s where Boost comes in. We’ve made it our mission to build a new feature that gives landlords security in a way that’s never been done before. Boost is a unique rental solution that offers up to six extra weeks of damage protection along with next day payouts once charges are agreed, so landlords won’t be left out of pocket.

What’s so great about Boost?

    It won’t break the bank

    Boost is a monthly subscription costing 1.5% of a landlord’s monthly rent. So if tenants are spending £700 per month on rent, landlords only pay £10 per month for a Boost subscription.

    Next day payouts

    When a landlord subscribes to Boost, they’re put back in pocket quickly if something goes wrong. Once end of tenancy charges are agreed, landlords can count on flatfair to recover the costs and pay them the next working day.

    Even more protection

    Landlords can use their security deposit to cover the costs of any unpaid rent, but what about any damage costs after that? Boost offers up to a whopping six extra weeks of protection for any damages or dilapidations.

    It’s flexible too!

    You can use Boost to top-up a traditional security deposit, or with flatfair’s No Deposit option too.

Max out your protection

But if landlords are looking for maximum protection, Boost is best used alongside No Deposit. It’s a rental solution that lets tenants secure their new home with a small check-in fee worth only one week’s rent (+VAT), with any damages covered by them when they move out (a bit like when checking out of a hotel). No Deposit also offers one extra week of protection compared to a traditional security deposit, so if a landlord uses No Deposit alongside Boost, they’ll get up to 12 weeks of protection.

After coronavirus, tenants and landlords are changing the way they rent. Here’s a few more tips on how landlords can make their property fit for a post-pandemic world.

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