The flatfair portal is the easiest way to manage your moves

Always connected.

The flatfair portal keeps you and your agent on the same page. Now you can organise move-ins, stay in touch and handle end-of-tenancy charges with ease, all in one place.

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For Tenants

From moving in to moving on.

Secure your new home, coordinate your move, chat with your agent and handle end-of-tenancy charges from any device.

  • 01 — Sign up in minutes

  • 02 — Manage your tenancy

  • 03 — Handle end of tenancy charges

Fair Resolution

The fair way to handle charges

With everything perfectly documented in the flatfair portal, end-of-tenancy charges are quick to resolve. And if you run into a tricky dispute, our independent adjudicators (third-party) have all the facts they need to decide a fair outcome.

How fair resolution works

"Using flatfair made the transition from our previous property into our new one effortless and hassle-free - and avoiding the usual six-week deposit was a real bonus!"

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