Our CEO is crowned ‘King of Renting’ by Dealmakerz and we couldn’t agree more!

Manchester Towl Hall

The Ruler, the High Chief, the King. Meet Franz Doerr, CEO and founder of flatfair. Nicknamed the ‘King of Renting’ by Dealmakerz, Franz is truly making his mark in the world of proptech. Standing head and shoulders above our competitors to snatch the crown, Franz is getting the accolades he deserves for kick-starting a tech revolution in the stagnated property sector.

Having gained experience at Deutsche Bank, Franz’s background in finance and payment technology proved useful when launching flatfair. With his unwavering vision to provide an affordable deposit-free alternative, he steadily rose to become a forward-thinking entrepreneur further cementing his success by winning the coveted RESI Trailblazer Award recently. This was a huge win for Franz as RESI celebrates major triumphs in the property sector and brings together key players in the residential market.

So how does Franz intend to shake things up in property and retain his crown as the true King of Renting? Well first off, he’s got the ambition, drive and determination to ensure flatfair completely corners the market for pre-tenancy processes.

Franz predicts that as flatfair grows and innovates, our platform will streamline tedious tenancy processes which will create efficiency for landlords and agents. We can already boast some impressive numbers; we have over 10,000 tenancies registered on our platform and with £15 million in revenue forecast for the next 12 months, we’re enjoying a 25% growth month on month. There’s also plenty in store for our partners and members as we work tirelessly to provide a comprehensive solution that currently includes cash deposit protection through mydeposits and instant referencing via our partnership with Homelet.

Still, every successful ruler knows how to face his battles head-on and fend off any potential threats too. What did our Chief have to say about concerns within the industry like the tenant fee ban and deposit passporting.

“With the tenant fee ban, we were initially worried the deposit cap would persuade renters not to use our service but in reality that hasn’t happened. Deposit passporting also sounds great in theory but it doesn’t work in practice.”

Ultimately, Franz wants flatfair to be the first port of call for end-to-end pre-tenancy services and he’s determined as ever to keep that renting crown by continuing to disrupt the property industry with innovative technology.

“What we’re building, and how we differ from everyone else is that we are a payment solution. Our competitors are fixing ‘one little thing’ with their mostly insurance-based products which aren’t that tech-heavy, but what we’re doing is offering a wider suite of services such as deposit registration and referencing, which is a much broader way of looking at it,” Franz summarised

The King has spoken!