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Meet flatfair’s furry family

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It’s amazing to see so many more landlords making their properties pet friendly, because our furry friends are more than little monsters living in our houses, snoring around the clock and eating all of our food, they are part of the family.

During national pet month, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the real stars of the show, the flatfair pets.

Get to know the team


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Age: 3
Lives: North Manchester
Likes: Cuddles and lots of them, and being shown off on the flatfair social media
Dislikes: Household items including hoovers (both handheld and upright), mops, brushes, the jet wash, the washing line and the doorbell, making the chores difficult to get done

Holly and Darcy

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Age: Holly 8 and Darcy 6
Lives: Rochdale
Likes: Long hikes, swimming, and the pub (as that’s where the biscuits are)
Dislikes: Darcy dislikes fireworks and small dogs as she was once bitten by one as a pup


Flatfair Furry Family Blog Img 3
Age: 6 Human years or 42 doggo lad years
Lives: St Albans (but dreams of a move to Devon)
Likes: Long walks, jumping in all sorts of water, and most importantly – TENNIS BALLS
Dislikes: Bicycles and walking on a lead


Flatfair Furry Family Blog Img 4
Age: 1
Lives: North London
Likes: Lap sits and ear scratches and a big fan of treats, even doing tricks for them (sit, hi-five, paw and spin), and his boyfriend Ziggy
Dislikes: Tin foil, the doorbell, fireworks, and cats of any colour other than black & white

“Working” from home

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Ron the computer whizz

And even though our work from home assistants aren’t always so helpful… we wouldn’t have it any other way.