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Introducing Resolve by flatfair.

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We have officially launched our new online portal, Resolve by flatfair, which will enable landlords to agree on a payment plan for any rent arrears accrued due to Covid-19 with their tenants.

Resolve will give landlords a tool to assist them in obtaining proof of hardship, provide date stamped correspondence, and help them to agree on a clear plan which the tenant has to stick to.

Any landlord, not just those who use flatfair’s deposit alternative product, can sign up for Resolve free of charge.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick recently confirmed that landlords will be expected to mediate fairly with their tenants before any kind of eviction proceedings can move forward post coronavirus. Any landlord seeking to retake possession of their property will have to have a watertight case, which is why Resolve and its recorded correspondence is so important.

Landlords who mediate with their tenants before any serious issues arise will be in a much stronger position in the coming months. Tenants will be more likely to pay when shown a path out of their arrears that is fair and transparent, and landlords and agencies that work fairly with their partners will be viewed more fondly once the crisis is over.

Resolve has a simple process that landlords can follow to make agreeing on a rent arrears payment plan as simple as possible.

A landlord who has or expects properties to fall into rent arrears can request their tenant upload proof of financial distress, such as a redundancy letter, onto Resolve. The landlord can then review these documents before proposing a payment plan over the portal which the tenant can accept or reject. Once the payment plan is agreed, both parties sign the plan electronically on the platform. Tenants can also flag for free to their landlord that they are in financial distress by using the platform; however, only landlords can propose rental payment plans.

By recording and documenting everything online for the landlord and tenant regarding the reaching of an agreement for a payment plan, Resolve will give both landlords and tenants a centralised and independent record of their agreement.

We will soon be rolling out Resolve Premium, which will support landlords in recovering any outstanding rent.

Franz Doerr, founder and CEO of flatfair, said:

“As the disruption caused by Covid-19 started to mount across the rental sector, we knew we had to build something that would help landlords not get left behind. I’m delighted that we are able to launch less than two months after we started, which is a credit to the entire flatfair team’s hard work.

“This is a very uncertain time for landlords, most of whom work extremely hard to provide a good home to their tenants, and now see their livelihood put at risk. Resolve will give landlords certainty that they can simply arrange a rental payment plan online with their tenants and electronically sign an agreement with everything clearly documented.”

Get started with Resolve by flatfair.