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International students and professionals can now rent deposit-free with flatfair

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The flatfair team are delighted to announce that international students and professionals without any credit history are also now eligible to rent deposit-free on the platform.

In a bid to open up the opportunities for deposit-free renting to a greater proportion of tenants in the UK, flatfair now accepts students and professionals from all over the world who don’t have any credit history, or are unable to provide a creditworthy UK-based guarantor. Landlords have told us that they tend to see an increase in demand from such tenants in August and September, yet they’re unable to take them on. Now, with flatfair, they can.

In line with standard industry practice, international students and professionals who are unable to pass referencing, but who can secure their tenancy by paying their landlord the first three months’ (or more) rent up front, can now become flatfair members. As with all flatfair members, international students and professionals pay just one week’s worth of rent (plus VAT) in order to secure their flatfair membership. They’ll then continue to pay their rent in the same installments, as were agreed upfront, directly to their landlord.

It’s worth remembering that the practice of taking rent upfront is 100% at the landlord’s discretion, and therefore upfront amounts can vary from as little as one month to as much as two years. flatfair is able to accept tenants who pay a minimum of three months’ rent to their landlord upfront.

As a result, everybody wins. International students and professionals find they are eligible to rent a range of fantastic properties across the UK without having pay a hefty upfront deposit. They simply ‘pay as they leave’, as all flatfair tenants do. Equally, landlords gain peace of mind from quarterly rent payments along with all the other forms of protection that flatfair provides to landlords.

“For a long time, international students and working professionals have struggled to secure tenancies in the UK because of a lack of credit history or a guarantor who can fulfil most agencies’ referencing criteria,” explains Daniel Jeczmien, flatfair’s co-founder. “By opening up flatfair’s criteria to allow these individuals to benefit from deposit-free renting, we’re leading the way when it comes to making renting in the UK fairer for everyone, no matter where they’re from.”

Are you a tenant interested in deposit-free renting? Find out more about flatfair’s referencing criteria for tenants and the benefits of becoming a member. You can also access our web chat service through our website if you have any questions, or just email support@flatfair.co.uk to find out more.