flatfair joins forces with Hunters 200 offices to offer nationwide deposit-free renting

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We have teamed up with Hunters to bring deposit-free renting to tens of thousands of renters across its national network of over 200 offices.

As an alternative to upfront deposits, Hunters tenants will now be able to choose the deposit-free renting option, where they simply authorise their debit card at the start of the tenancy and settle bills at the end – as they would at a hotel. Because charges are settled quickly and fairly on a pay-as-you-leave basis, it has proven to improve trust between tenants and landlords by making the conversation around end of tenancy costs wholly transparent.

Our payment technology solution offers a safer, more streamlined approach to protecting landlords and tenants than other solutions in the market. It is already the preferred choice of the UK largest landlords, which means that Hunters is equipping its franchisees with the best technology available to attract large professional landlords.

The deposit-free option has been shown to help tenants move into a property quicker, removing the strain of having to raise a hefty deposit – or indeed having to pay out two deposits in-between tenancies. flatfair charges a small one-off membership fee which also enables renters to build up a profile showcasing their track record with future landlords, helping further enhance positive behaviour on both sides.

Landlords can also benefit from the new scheme with our unrivalled protection, faster pay-outs and fewer void periods between tenancies. flatfair is insured by an A-rated financial institution and work together with Government-authorised adjudicators, so tenants, landlords and agents can all enjoy peace of mind.

Carrie Alliston, Hunters Lettings Director, comments:

“We are pleased to be able to offer tenants an alternative to up-front deposits and believe the pay-as-you-leave approach brings several benefits to both tenants and landlords. We aim to make the lettings process as easy as possible for our customers and are committed to innovation. flatfair’s digital platform makes registration and resolutions quick, easy and accessible and is a welcome addition to our lettings proposition.”

Franz Doerr, CEO and founder of flatfair comments:

“We’re delighted that Hunters has become the latest leading agent to selected flatfair as their deposit replacement partner. We strongly believe that our technology solution offers a safer, more streamlined approach in comparison with the numerous insurance products that have entered the deposit replacement market and are pleased that Hunters has recognised that.”

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