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5 Years in, celebrating the flatfam

5th Birthday

Since flatfair was first conceived, there have been many people who have shaped the company we are today. For our 5th birthday we chatted with some of our current team about flatfair now and what the next 5 years might have in store.

Miguel The OGMiguel Aragȁo, Head of Product

flatfair was at a very early stage when I joined the team and that was ultimately the key factor for me. Since the start I had the ambition to help Bartosz (our CTO) grow a fully functional Product Team from scratch. I joined as a Product Engineer but my role has evolved over time into Product Management, and I’m currently operating as Head of Product.

As Head of Product, I have to constantly find the perfect balance between business value and the best possible experience for all our users. We’re keen to grow the team and assemble good Product practices that people will recognise and help shape as we evolve.

We’re at a new stage where we’ve built an infrastructure that allows us to work much more closely with our customers – which is a key step towards delivering the absolute best experience to all our users. It’s all about understanding our market and defining the best strategy for the future, but staying extremely focused in the present.

I’m proud of the momentum we’re building right now, and I’m truly confident the best is yet to come. Looking back on my time at flatfair, there’s personal and team achievements but as much as it might sound a bit cheesy, what I’m most proud of is seeing people get more independent and stepping up – either into other roles or even other companies.

Kitty The new kid on the blockKitty Ryan, Customer Support Associate

I joined flatfair after completing my masters in International Business Law. I previously only had experience in large corporate law firms and I wanted to work somewhere more innovative. I believe flatfair’s product has the potential to have a truly positive impact on tenants’ experiences, plus the start-up culture really appealed to me. 

I moved to London from Dublin and started at flatfair 6 weeks ago, at the start of October. It’s been an amazing experience , everyone is so welcoming, the vibe in the office is very relaxed and it feels like working with a group of friends already. 

I work directly with our current customers which includes agents, landlords and tenants, making sure their flatfair plans run smoothly from start to finish. The balance between structured training and being given responsibility fast has worked really well. It helps that everyone is approachable, I never feel stupid for asking questions.

Looking ahead to the future, I’m excited to build my knowledge and my confidence in my role. I’m excited to see the company hitting milestones and continuing to grow. And in the near future, I’m looking forward to the Christmas party!!

James. The office workerJames Hendry, Junior Product Engineer

I actually joined flatfair for the first time in 2020, before the first lockdown, but left to complete my masters in Computer Science. However, I loved my time at flatfair so much that when I graduated I came straight back. 

Now I work in the Product team and day to day I work on the coding side of things. This includes everything you interact with on the website. I’ve been back at flatfair for 3 months and have already seen the features I’ve worked on go live.

While being fully flexible with working location, there is consistently a group of us in the office and it’s a great environment. Everyone is easy to talk to and work with; it’s a very inclusive and supportive team. Plus being in the office means we can take advantage of the after work free beer!

Collette The remote workerCollette Naylor, Business Development Manager

I’ve been working remotely for over 10 years, so it’s something I’m really familiar with and I like the flexibility it gives you. Since joining flatfair I’ve had that same flexibility in my role too – right now I’m focused on re-engaging with our existing customers as well as acting as an account manager. 

I’m based in Rochdale (North Manchester) but I travel across the UK for my role. I also head into the London office every couple of months, and it’s a great opportunity to catch up with everyone. The flatfair team is incredibly diverse but everyone gets along so well.

The people are definitely one of the best things about working at flatfair. We all have  the same vision for the business and are working together to make it as successful as possible. It helps that the product is brilliant, too, and I can’t wait to see what we achieve together in the future!