10 exciting ways to spend your flatfair savings

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You’ve signed all the paperwork, moved all the boxes and you’re finally settling into your new rented home! As you start to make the place your own, just take a moment to congratulate yourself on saving a lovely bundle of cash by renting deposit-free with flatfair.

But what are you going to do with all that money you’ve saved? Allow us to make a few suggestions…

1. Splash out on new homeware accessories…

Whether your new home comes with or without furniture, there’s nothing quite like adding little trinkets to express your personality. Now you have some money to burn, why not spend that little bit extra and spice up your place with funky wall art, rugs or scented candles.

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2. … and treat yourself to nice bedding

While you’re sprucing up your digs, be sure to invest in some accessories that will not only brighten up the room but also make it your own. We can’t guarantee it’ll stop those fights over the duvet… but it might make them more colourful!


3. Go green with some house plants

Spring’s just round the corner, but if you don’t have a garden, never fear! Buy yourself some house plants, hanging baskets or even some window boxes to bring a splash of colour to your new home. Just be sure to water them and make sure they’re getting some good natural light, and you can enjoy a glimpse of Mother Nature from your sofa!

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4. Create the mood with some lovely lighting

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big difference when it comes to creating a homely atmosphere, especially when it comes to lighting. Take a look at some inspiration on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for a lamp or two that could create a relaxing evening mood, or brighten up smaller spaces.


5. Throw a housewarming party

What better way to celebrate taking up residence in your new pad than by inviting friends over to show it off? Treat them to a nice bottle (or three), order in the pizzas and get the party started!


6. Wake up and smell the coffee machine

The next morning might be a bit of a struggle, let’s be honest… but not if you have a brand spanking new coffee machine to help revive even the biggest of party animals! Better still, save on coffees at that place round the corner and enjoy some top-class java in your PJs.


7. Invest in a fancy slow-cooker

Too busy to cook? Why not spend some of the deposit money you’ve saved on a slow-cooker? Pop the ingredients in before you head out, set your new gadget to work and come home to a delicious meal that’s ready when you are.

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8. Save some money for a rainy day

It may not sound very exciting, but you could always squirrel some of your savings away. Especially if you’re planning to put down on a home of your own some time in the future, in course. Now that is exciting…


Cash9. Subscribe away!

Maybe you’ve been holding off getting Netflix, a gym pass or a magazine subscription… well, now you can treat yourself guilt-free! If you’ve got housemates, you could each sign up for something different that all of you can enjoy.


10. Book yourself a holiday

Last but by no means least, you could always put the deposit money you’ve saved towards some fun in the sun, a city mini-break or a last minute trip to the slopes. Moving house can be hugely stressful, so book in a bit of downtime, safe in the knowledge that you really can afford it.



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